Why Are Jeep Wranglers So Expensive?

Why Are Jeep Wranglers So Expensive? 8 Main Reasons

If you own a Jeep Wranglers, you won’t choose it because of its responsiveness or fuel economy. Same as Bentleys, there is much debate about why the Jeep Wrangler is so costly. 

The most common answer is that it is perfectly capable of off-roading and is for the adventurous.

This article will give you a more detailed look at what you will get if you own a jeep wrangler and why it is expensive.

Why Are Jeep Wranglers So Expensive

There are many characteristics of the jeep wrangler that make you need to spend a fortune to own it. Here are some points we have researched and compiled:

Customer Rating

You can easily see that the jeep wrangler can off-road like Toyota highlander with high certainty. However, the limitations of this vehicle are the delayed steering wheel, the noise inside the cabin when you drive at high speed, and the small cargo container.

In addition, you may experience transmission and transmission problems in the 2018-19 Wrangler series.


You’ll know it has simplicity and off-road superiority if you’ve owned a model older than the TJ Wranglers. Older models are still highly adaptable and have simpler electronics than today’s newer models.

However, the advantages of modern technology are improvements for safety and more features that increase accuracy and confidence in the overall driver experience. You will have car features such as temperature control, UConnect, remote control, and start a Hi-Tech computer system.

Cheap Insurance

Low-cost Wrangler insurance providers make it easy to purchase and own good products in the SUV segment. However, the cost of insurance can vary depending on the state in which you live. Moreover, if you own an old product, insurance will be a lot cheaper than a new one.

For example, if you have a 2018 Jeep Wrangler that costs around $26,797, you’ll need to spend $2,700 on insurance per year. Conversely, if you own the 2012 Jeep Wrangler for $17,929, you only need to pay a premium of $1,962/year.

Good Resale Value

Cars are also one of the hobbies of many car owners and collectors. Therefore, the resale value of the Jeep Wranglers is one of the points that make it stand out in this field.

In terms of appearance, the Wrangler is quite open and dusty for an adventurer utterly different from the Jeep Grand Cherokee. At the same time, it has excellent off-road power in the segment. It reflects the car’s Dana axle at its best, the power transmission and chain transmission, and other components in perfect harmony.

Customization Options

You can easily find Jeep Wrangler models with complete customization accessories. They are the products that are sought after and followed by many car lovers worldwide, showing the owner’s class and status. Moreover, the stores that supply this model have a full range of accessories from simple to complex.

You can buy them on websites, stores, e-commerce sites at affordable prices. You need to look at the specifications to find the most accurate product.


You can find second-hand models at affordable prices, although the company will increase the cost of their cars every year. It also means that if you want to buy newer models like JK and JL parts, you need to pay more than the old one.

Factory Standard Equipment

The standard equipment that the manufacturer provides for the Jeep Wrangler will help you move on different terrain. Whereas other brands’ cars require you to pay thousands of dollars to go off-road, the Jeep Wrangler is ready from the factory.

It made this design one of the most sought-after models for decades.

Emotional Value

The value will be different from what you set expectations at different levels. It means that the buyer determines the value for a Jeep instead of the public or the seller.

Are Jeep Wranglers Reliable? 

Overall, the Jeep Wranglers is one of the most reliable SUVs in its class. More specifically, you can consider many aspects such as what the previous owner did with it, version, terrain, …

However, you can count on TJ models from 2007 and earlier, as they have a simple design. Furthermore, you can also search for JK models from 1997-to 2006. The reason is that it has high reliability, easy operation, and maintenance. At the same time, you can customize and operate for a small cost and buy second hand at an affordable price.

The drawback of old cars is that the number of doors is relatively small, only 2. In contrast, new vehicles have up to 4 entries with more features.

Why Might It Be a Good Idea to Buy an Old Jeep Wrangler?

Whether or not to buy a used Jeep Wrangler is a question many people ask.

It would help if you considered that the modification of the car is what its owner has repaired, including reset odometer (how to reset odometer). If you are a diligent person and luckily, you may find a product that fully meets your requirements. You will buy a product at a much better price than the original price.

Moreover, the Jeep supplier makes several old limited editions, which will be sought after by many people. However, the product has a higher price than conventional models.

You should consider owning a Jeep Wrangler with durability, good performance, and off-road ability.

Buying Tips

If you are looking for a jeep wrangler, then here are the instructions for you:

You can find information about the price of the car you need to buy online. It can limit overpayments.

It would help if you considered that the price on the invoice would be greater than the actual price. You need to know to pay the right price.

You need to negotiate the cost upwards, rather than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or less.


The article provided information and explained why jeep wranglers are so expensive. We hope you are satisfied and can find a suitable vehicle to add to your collection.

At the same time, you also need to consider regular maintenance because the car can operate on many different terrains. Taking care of your car will help you increase its durability and lifespan. It also makes you have a better driving experience.

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