Who Makes Douglas Tires? Is It Worth Money?

Tires are an essential part of the vehicle, and it is the object in direct contact with the road surface to receive a lot of impacts. 

So you will need to find a product that guarantees quality and safety to drive with peace of mind. Besides Hankook tires  or Milestar tires, Douglas tires are options worth considering.

With many different prices and low prices, many people are interested in Douglas tires. And a problem most users ask is who makes Douglas tires. In this article, we will help you to clarify.

Who Makes Douglas Tires? 

Who Makes Douglas Tires

1935s, Goodyear officially acquired the Kelly Springfield Tire Company. After operating for a while, Goodyear entered into an exclusive agreement with Walmart in 1992.

Many people think Douglas Tires is just a cheap version of Goodyear Tires, but it is not. Since its first appearance on the market, during its 25 years of operation, Douglas Tires has created a solid position for itself.

Generally, the Goodyear Tire company manufactures Douglas Tires, and Walmart is the sole seller.

In 1894, Edwin Kelly and Arthure Grand founded the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company in Springfield, Ohio. In 1935, this construction officially became a wholly-owned Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company subsidiary.

Goodyear is a well-established and well-established traditional tire company, so in 1922 Kelly-Springfield continued to be absorbed by the parent company. Since then, it has specialized in the production of Douglas tires.

Interestingly, there are 54 American tire brands for cars, trucks, and agricultural vehicles manufactured by Kelly-Springfield. As a result, the company has become the most important manufacturer of custom-made brand tires and the world’s leading producer of agricultural tires.

What Types Of Douglas Tires Are There?

Currently, the company offers 2 basic types of tires: all-season tires and performance tires.


All-season tires are standard products for family cars used on the road as a daily vehicle. With the design of circumferential grooves, the tire has a good grip on wet or non-glass surfaces. You can use it without worrying about the influence of the weather.

Performance tires

Performance tires are a good choice for those who love sports cars. Although it is more expensive than all-season tires, it is worth the cost.

Crafted with specialized materials and a unique design, it offers better handling, traction, and mobility. Furthermore, the circumferential grooves and symmetrical spikes provide excellent traction in all seasons.

Are Douglas Tires Any Good?

Are Douglas Tires Any Good

Douglas tires are reasonable, and you can find many positive reviews about the product. They are reasonably priced, quality assured, and can last for many years. Here is a brief review of Douglas tires:


Despite being much cheaper than leading tire brands, Douglas tires are always reliable and safe. Since its launch, the manufacturer has continuously updated and improved the overall design to bring safety to any driver.

While it still doesn’t deliver the same performance as top brands, we appreciate its handling. The company offers products that work pretty well on most road surfaces and weather conditions but still ensure safety.

Fits the budget

Without a doubt, Douglas tires are a great choice if your budget is tight. No matter how much money you have, you can find a suitable set of Douglas tires. It can be that this is the reason why Douglas tires have become a popular product today.

Good warranty

Warranty service brings many advantages to Douglas tires. Walmart offers a tremendous 45k mile walking shoe warranty, so you can get in touch for help when you have a tire problem.

However, applying the regime is to buy tires with him at Walmart stores. If you purchase elsewhere, unfortunately, you have to pay the total cost of the repair.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1.Why are Douglas tires so cheap?

Since the manufacturer offers the products for the internal brand to meet most users, Douglas tires are pretty cheap compared to standard tires but still have good quality.

2.What is the lifespan of Douglas tires?

Douglas tires’ life is in mileage. And the manufacturer offers a 45km warranty and a T speed rating on the all-season tires, while the performance tires are rated H.

3.Are Douglas tires quiet?

D’s tires are relatively quiet as a famous tire brand with an intelligent tread design. However, it would help if you still cleaned the tires to ensure aesthetics and avoid objects that make the tires run poorly. The procedure is similar to how clean Whitewall Tires .

4.When do I need to change my Douglas tires?

Changing Douglas tires depends on many factors, but you can usually determine by checking the tire wear. Heavy use on different terrain will cause tire wear, and at some point, you need alignment tires. Get ready for the next trip.


We think the relatively low price shouldn’t fool you when it comes to Douglas tires. While the quality and performance can’t be compared today’s leading brands, it still provides impressive safety and performance in the basic sense.

In short, if you are looking for affordable and budget-friendly tires, then you can consider Douglas tires. Besides, I hope you will know who makes Douglas tires with the information that we share.

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