Where Are Hercules Tires Made? Everything You Need To Know

With a set of tires, assessing their quality will depend on many factors. Hercules is the best choice for you if you find it challenging to choose a set of car tires. This brand includes many different versions of tires. 

Thanks to that, users can easily choose the right product set for their vehicle. 

So, where are Hercules tires made?

The following article will introduce you to the top 3 sets of Hercules tires that you should use.

Who Invented The Hercules Tire?

Today, Hercules tires are a set of products from the famous Hercules tire and rubber company. The company was founded in 1952. Hercules has been and is becoming one of the best tire suppliers for cars.

In 1960, a significant change came from this tire company. When they started producing Hercules tires, it quickly surpassed many tire companies of the time. In just a short time, this brand of car loops has become one of the best-selling product sets of all time.

Cooper Tire is the unit responsible for developing and producing Hercules tires. This business has constantly researched and developed more perfect tire versions, meeting all customers’ needs. Therefore, besides being used as the main tire, many users have chosen Hercules as a spare tire for their cars.

Where Are Hercules Tires Made?

Where Are Hercules Tires Made

As for Hercules tires, it is produced mainly in the United States under the management of the US tire distribution corporation. However, to popularize the tire to a broader audience, the manufacturer has built more production plants in other countries, such as China. This expansion also helps save production costs and investment in raw materials for businesses.

Although Hercules tires are outside the United States, they still guarantee excellent quality. Because all tires from this brand maintain the same production standard. Therefore, users can completely use the tires from this brand with peace of mind.

If you are using a tire from another brand and feel it is not quality, you can switch to Hercules.

You can find these tires at most auto parts centers. With the intelligent design of this tire, users can change an axle travel trailer easily with just a few simple steps.

Features Of This Tire

Tires from the Hercules brand have many different sizes and designs, meeting all customers’ needs.

Compared to buying tires from other brands, tires from this brand will be cheaper. However, their quality will always be in terms of durability and elasticity. With a  fix a flat, you can go a long distance before resorting to the assistance of car repairers.

You can easily find this tire at all auto dealers around the world

The system of spikes reads and responds and is eye-catching, giving users a more enjoyable feeling when driving. 

Hercules Raptis R-T5

This version provides extreme performance for users. Therefore, Terra Raptis R-T15 can confidently compare the quality with many famous tire brands on the market. To achieve such excellent quality, the manufacturer has used CoolCourse ™ technology which significantly extends the life of the tires. In addition, this tire features an asymmetrical tread system and 3D UltraWave™ emerging suction cups, allowing for tighter handling.

Hercules Terra Trac AT II

Terra Trac AT II is one of the car loops that bring excellent performance when it often has to travel on wet roads and rough terrain. 

The manufacturer has designed reasonable spikes and grooves to get such good quality. From there, the wheel will grip the road better and minimize tire wear during use.

The operating environment of this type of tire will cause it to become dirty faster. So, how to clean this tire line? Cleaning Terra Trac AT II tires will be similar to cleaning whitewall tires. You will need to pay special attention to the tread system of the tires during cleaning.

Hercules Roadtour 655 MRE

Roadtour 655 MRE is a tire with extreme wear resistance. Thanks to that, users can use this tire for a long time without worrying about tire problems. In addition, Roadtour 655 MRE has wheel diameters from 14-18 inches. Therefore, it will be compatible with various passenger vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1.Are Hercules tires any good?

The answer is yes. In addition to quality, Hercules also has a lower cost compared to other tire products. Therefore, if you need a set of cheap tires of good quality, Hercules tires will be the best choice for you.

2.Are Hercules snow tires any good?

Tires from the Hercules brand will have many different versions. It includes compatibility for each terrain and operating environment. Therefore, you can easily find a set of car tires for slippery snow terrain.

3.Are Hercules tires made in China?

Yes. In addition to the United States, China is the country with a Hercules tire production unit. You do not need to worry about quality deterioration when changing production units because these tires are all manufactured according to a different standard.


Hopefully, the article will help you answer the question “Where are Hercules tires made.” 

With this tire, it is made mainly in the United States. 

In addition, it is also made in China. The expansion of production scale will help Hercules tire business reach more customers. At the same time, production costs in China will be many times cheaper than in the United States.

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