What Is The Biggest Cam For Stock 350?

A camshaft is an indispensable tool for car equipment. Damaged camshafts cause many problems for the vehicle. It operates by rotating to generate energy, which helps open the valves to let gasoline enter the engine.

There are opinions that the bigger the orange, the better. However, is that true or just a rumor? Or what kind of orange is suitable? This article will answer all your questions about the above issue and its related aspects.

How To Pick One?

Before going to the main issue, we need to note the things before buying a camshaft.

RPM range

We always know that the camshaft has a significant influence on the engine. If the camshaft is good, the car will operate smoothly. If it is not suitable, the machine will continuously malfunction and stop the engine.

Therefore, to check it, we need to monitor the engine’s operating range. In other words, RPM- the optimal power supply for the device.


Users need to regularly check the valve to see if it is set too high or too low compared to the engine. From there, adjust it to be in the most appropriate location. Failure to do so may result in the camshaft being locked due to overworking.


The camshaft does not cause compression loss as it hurts the engine. The expected loss is a leak that hinders the ratio of the fuel pump and air into the machine.

Lob split angle

The lobe separation angle is a tool for the camshaft to determine the travel time and synchronization of the equipment. A good car if the split lobe grades are in sync and match. If there is a difference, we need to adjust.


The three timing connection bolts have a torque of 20-foot pounds. In position 3, the bolt connecting the piston and crankshaft is 20 foot-pounds. The #2 bolts are 45, and the 3rd is 75 foot-pounds.


Melling will be the choice for customers who are saving money. Comp Cam is also one of the most popular camshafts today.

What Is The Biggest Cam For Stock 350?

Biggest Cam For Stock 350

As we mentioned above, choosing a camshaft requires a thorough process. On the market today, Cam Comp CL 12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 is the most significant force flat cam for stock 350. 

It was chosen because it has a design in the operating range from 2000-5800 RPM. The time is 227/241 at 050.

In addition, this type is favored due to the robust discharge mode. Most of the consumers appreciate this criterion of the product. 

It is the right choice for those who need high torque and horsepower without being too expensive. Process performance will be smooth and coherent thanks to the lobe separation angle and valve lift of the Cam Comp Cl 12-600-4.

Its price ranges from $160 to $180, which is not too expensive to have outstanding potential. 

Of course, you can buy it on reputable websites like Amazon or motorbike stores. It is advisable to read the reviews and comments to choose the product that meets your expectations.

Does The Cam Make Car Noise?

Ensure all cams make a noise in the car once the installation is complete. But don’t worry too much about it because the noise is not too annoying. It’s like an idling engine.

The sound of idling will cause a jerk. However, different noises will depend on using the vehicle and how the driver controls it.

Is It Difficult To Install Cam?

It will be tough for those who do not understand the specialized area of ​​​​the device. It is pretty cumbersome and time-consuming. 

Besides, if you don’t understand it deeply when you put the cam in the wrong position, it will cause damage to other parts. The hardest thing isn’t getting rid of nearby parts and replacing the camshaft.

But the most fantastic thing is putting the elements together. We set it right and set it to make the car work efficiently. 

Therefore, you should go to repair shops or professionals so that they can fix it right from the start. More than that, it will reduce harm later.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1.Why say COMP Cams are the best fit for 350 Chevy?

As a result, the Comp Cams 54-470-11 LSR hydraulic roller is the consumer’s top choice for the 350 Chevy. Its lobe separation allows the car to operate at a higher rpm range of 113 degrees.

In addition, it is also impressive with air intake and exhaust pipes. The operating range ranges from 2200-2700 RPM, ensuring a steady flow of air between the cams.

2.What are some tips for using COMP Cams?

Owners will not have any problems with combustion in the engine. The 107-degree lobe split is the most suitable for refueling and an extended discharge stroke. In addition, torque and horsepower curves dominate, so people like using Comp Cams LSR.


  • It works with street stock converters
  • Reasonable division of lobes
  • Unique torque


  • If you are looking for Comp cams with a small horsepower, this is not wise.

3.How much more horsepower can cams add?

Horsepower is based on many factors. It will increase or decrease depending on the design and other details in the car. 

But usually, the engine efficiency increases by 20-30 HP per camshaft. Besides, some different types support 390-440 HP depending on the bolts and cam position.

The critical thing is how much horsepower do you want your car to add to make the car work optimally and at its best. We will have a way to choose the suitable types of oranges.

4.How to detect faulty cam?

Common symptoms of a faulty cam:

  • On fire
  • Popping sound from the engine

The above symptoms are pretty dangerous. Therefore, when experiencing any of the above signs, we need to call or go to the car maintenance center right away to solve the car problems.


The above information, though essential, has given you knowledge about the types of Cams that are suitable for your vehicle. Depending on the vehicle’s structure, condition, and condition, you choose the most prestigious products to use. I hope the article will help you with different aspects of Cam for stock 350 problems.

Thank you for reading!

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