Are Wheel Locks Worth It? Tip For Beginners

Are Wheel Locks Worth It

Car tires are one of the essential parts of every car. It is pretty expensive to replace so many thieves nowadays who steal these wheelsets. To minimize this situation, many car users have used tire locksets.  With this intelligent technology device, it not only has the function of fixing the tire, but it also possesses … Read more

How Long Does An Alignment Take?

How Long Does An Alignment Take

Alignment is an action that you will need to perform throughout the entire life of operating and controlling your vehicle. Because problems will not stop appearing as long as the car is running, you will need to intervene to balance and adjust if you want the control to remain smooth and the vehicle to stay … Read more

How To Clean Leather Steering Wheel?

How To Clean Leather Steering Wheel

Currently, cleaning the interior of cars at home is always one of the issues that many drivers are particularly interested in. Because it will help them save a lot of money for each car cleaning.  One of the most challenging parts for many drivers is the steering wheel. This part is made of leather, so … Read more