How Long Do Honda Civics Last? Easy Tip

How Long Do Honda Civics Last

After countless upgrades and a deep understanding of the target audience, now Honda Civics is receiving the favor of many customers. We can easily recognize the modern Civics appearing all over the road. How long does the Honda Civic last parallel to the growing market demand? It is a question asked by many customers. We … Read more

How To Fix A Sunroof That Won’t Close All The Way?

How To Fix A Sunroof That Won't Close All The Way

Every door that our vehicle owns must have a flexible opening and closing mechanism and the ability to close fully.  Because besides the times when we need to open these parts to circulate air or catch the sun, there are times when we need to close them tightly to prevent dust or water from outside.  … Read more

How To Reset Ford Instrument Cluster? Easy Tip

Vehicles from the Ford brand are always famous for their durability and the ability to maintain the quality of components for a long time. However, no matter how good these products are, they will face failures, especially in electronic parts such as instrument clusters.  Therefore, today we will show you a simple way on how … Read more

Can I Drive Without The Heat Shield?

The heat shield is like a film that wraps your car inside and out. It helps to prevent other factors from affecting the device. Perhaps that is why protection plays an essential role in the engine’s operation. However, many people are not too concerned about the shield. And the question is, can I drive without … Read more

Are Wheel Locks Worth It? Tip For Beginners

Are Wheel Locks Worth It

Car tires are one of the essential parts of every car. It is pretty expensive to replace so many thieves nowadays who steal these wheelsets. To minimize this situation, many car users have used tire locksets.  With this intelligent technology device, it not only has the function of fixing the tire, but it also possesses … Read more

How Long Can A Car Be Parked On A Residential Street?

How Long Can A Car Be Parked On A Residential Street

Nowadays, cars are one of the indispensable means of transport for each. More and more users are using this device. Therefore, you can easily see cars parked right in your residential area or on traffic routes. Illegal parking is one of the situations that many drivers have encountered.  However, this parking is not always subject … Read more

Why Is Car Registration So Expensive In California?

Why Is Car Registration So Expensive In California

For a long time, cars have become an indispensable transportation tool for every household. We cannot deny the convenience that cars bring to users.  To be able to own a car, you will have to pay a car purchase fee and have to pay another vehicle registration fee.  So, why is car registration so expensive … Read more