What Makes Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

When driving, you may notice strange noises coming from your car, especially when turning the steering wheel while stationary, your car is having problems.

Specifically, it often takes place with a specific part instead of the whole vehicle. If it’s possible and the best time, take it to a mechanic so they can take a look before the problem gets worse.

Besides, you can check the jounce bushing yourself, power steering rack, FCS or Monroe struts and the shocks, the steering reservoir tank, the suspension bushings,…

So, what makes noise when turning steering wheel while stationary?

We will cover it all in the article below and the steps you can take to fix it if it’s not too serious.

What Makes Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

What Makes Noise When Turning Steering Wheel While Stationary

The Jounce Bushing Problems

In the front strut, you can find jounce bushings. Its location is precisely at the top part of the strut. If you hear a noise when turning the steering wheel while stationary, it may be caused by the vehicle being dry due to prolonged usage time.

Specifically, the noise sounds like a creaking or groaning sound. Now you need to find a way to get rid of them as soon as possible. Because if you let this go on for longer, the car will have more problems.

The power steering rack is not working well

Another possible cause of a whine in your car is a problem with the rack and pinion vs steering box 272. It’s not working correctly and needs you to check it out immediately.

You often encounter this situation where you are traveling at a low speed. Alternatively, you might consider looking at belts or vane pumps that could be causing the problem.

Struts And The Shocks Are Worn Out

After a long period of use of the vehicle or any equipment, the parts that operate a lot and continuously will inevitably corrode, it gets worse when you’re driving at high speeds, on uneven terrain, or when you’re not careful.

Equipment wear time will be slower if you are a good and careful driver.

You will hear noise when turning right or left due to expected durability. Abraded parts will cause this condition.

The Steering Reservoir Tank is Clogged

The next cause you should consider is the power steering fluid reservoir. You need to make sure they are always clean, thanks to the efficient operation of the filter.

In some situations, it can clog, restrict operation, and make noise when you turn.

Leaking Of The Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is responsible for lubricating the power steering system, primarily supporting the stable and smooth operation of the steering wheel. While it may not be the leading cause, you can consider it when checking your car, similar to an engine oil leak.

They are inefficient, as indicated by the vehicle’s noise when making a turn.

The problem of the suspension bushings

Just like tires and tube components are subject to continuous service for long periods, suspension bushings can also wear out. At this point, you’ll hear a creaking sound, signaling the replacement time has come.

At the same time, if you let the condition linger, it will crack or even break. You will have great difficulty when they stop working at a time when you desperately need them.

Ball Joints Are Damaged

One of the details of the vehicle system is the ball joint, and its task is to support the movement of the steering wheel joints and the control arms so that they are most stable and rhythmic.

When the noise occurs, the Ball Joints are dry and need lubrication. This activity will help you eliminate noise and minimize vehicle damage caused by them.

Tie Rod Ends Are Worn Out

Tie Rod Ends are an essential part of the vehicle system when it is responsible for stopping the wheels from moving when you turn off the steering wheel.

Over a long period of use, they are straightforward to wear, so they need to be checked and replaced in time, especially in the case of reckless driving and knocking. Furthermore, it can happen even when you’re driving at slow speeds and when you’re turning.

Steering Column Bearing

The rubbing rod reflects that the upper ball bearing on the steering wheel is having a problem. It causes the plastic part at the rear of the steering wheel to rub against the cow on the steering column. They make noise when the temperature is increased. Furthermore, the relevant parts may be at this time.

How To Fix A Noisy Steering Wheel When Turning?

How To Fix A Noisy Steering Wheel When Turning

If you are looking for the most effective fix for A Noisy Steering Wheel When Turning problem, then here is the procedure you can follow:

Step 1: Check power steering fluid

The cause of the noise may be due to the power steering fluid running out or at a low level due to dryness or leakage. If this fluid is running low, check your entire device for leaks and find out what’s causing it and how to limit it in the future.

In the case of tricky parts, you should also be aware that your power steering fluid is among them.

Step 2: Remove the old switch

It would help if you used a wrench to remove the old switch, and you must be careful to avoid causing damage to the vehicle’s system components.

Step 3: Add a new switch

You can find and buy new switches at vehicle supply stores or a repair shop. The next thing is to put it in place and fix it with a wrench as tight as possible.

This operation will most likely prevent your product from leaking perfectly.

Step 4: Add power steering oil

You should use the best quality power steering fluid. It can be recommended by professionals and consumers alike to suit your budget.

Besides, you don’t need to drain the old power steering fluid. Just add more to the tank.


Thus, the article has provided noise causes when turning the steering wheel while stationary and how to fix it.

However, our suggestions can only help you minimize the problem. You should take your car to a repair shop as soon as possible. Here professional repairers and professionals can assist you as best they can.

At the same time, before starting to drive, check the overall product and maintain it regularly for the perfect driving experience.

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