5 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Alternative & Cleaning Process

We all know for a fact that for a car to operate at its maximum capacity, the engine’s airflow sensor must function correctly. However, during long-term use, the mass gas sensor may become dirty.

And then, we need to clean them using many standard methods. But the problem is that the measures are pretty complicated, so is there another alternative to cleaning the mass airflow sensor?

It is probably what users are most interested in. Therefore, we will provide some mass air flow sensor cleaner alternatives below to answer your questions.

Cleaning Supplies

Before preparing cleaning items, you need to check the condition of the sensor. You can check by removing the MAF socket and starting the car. If there is no outlet and the car still usually works, then there is certainly no problem with the engine.

At that time, you should clean the sensor to make the car work more efficiently. But when starting, the car does not start, and you need to see a repair professional immediately because the sensor may be damaged.

Once the test is done, the user needs to prepare some cleaning tools:

  • Protective Gloves
  • Towels
  • Spray bottle
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Induction cleaning kit

5 Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Alternative

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Alternative

As we said above, the mass air flow sensor must work well. Instead of cleaning in the usual way, users can clean the airflow sensor with the following few products

Johnsen sensor cleaning kit

It is one of the most popular tools for high productivity dust cleaning. You will not be too worried about the usage of this product. Just press the spray button, and this fuel will spray into the sensor and clean it.

Whether adults or children, these operations are not complex. With a set of these, its price ranges from $7 to $8. You can buy it at a car repair shop or buy it online through websites.

Gunk MAS6

Compared to Johnsen, MAS6 is superior. In terms of operation, almost all sprays are the same. But this product easily cleans the long-standing dust oil, and helps the conversion process.

However, its cost is about 6$-7$ more than Johnsen’s. Depending on economic conditions, we choose the most suitable and effective product for ourselves.

Archoil MAF

This cleaning kit is more prevalent among users. Because it not only cleans the dirt, but the cleaning time is also speedy. Besides, it doesn’t leave any traces after wiping.

It is the perfect choice for motors that need electrical rehabilitation. With such high performance, a spray bottle of $26 is not too expensive.

CRC Cleaner, 4.5 Wt Oz.05610

In addition to cleaning, the CRC type is also known for building the powertrain, increasing horsepower, and optimizing the fuel-to-air ratio. The best-selling product is thanks to its fuel-saving mode and sensor protection.

Not only that, but it also reduces roughness during movement. Although it is so convenient, it is very cheap in terms of cost. Only $ 11 we own this multi-purpose cleaner.

No residue electric cleaner

If you do not want to buy the above products, you can also use electric cleaners. Its use is not inferior to the above types. However, it would help if you chose a residue-free type for cleaning.

Their method is similar to using alcohol. But this type is beneficial to users, so please consider carefully before buying.

Choosing one of the above products depends on your finances and car problems. However, the use of carburetor cleaner should be avoided to clean the air mass flow sensor.

Because carburetor cleaners contain many chemicals that damage the delicate sensor, note one thing, do not clean the MAF while the engine is running or the key is still in the car.

Cleaning Process

Using the cleaners is relatively easy, but we’ll still show you the process to get the most out of it.

  • Step 1: Park the car in an open field to let the engine cool. Then, disconnect the car battery‘s negative terminal to avoid shock.
  • Step 2: Find the sensor location. Usually, it’s located under the hood behind the air filter. For complex vehicles, use the manual to locate the MAF.
  • Step 3: Remove the sensor from the motor. Disconnect all connected sources, including the intake manifold power supply, check engine light, and remove the hose clamps from the air ducts.
  • Step 4: Cover the hot wires and plates and start spraying. After that, let it dry and return the sensor to its original position.
  • Step 5: Start the car, reset the check engine light, and test drive.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can I use alcohol to clean it?

The answer is yes. But you should combine alcohol and spray for the sensor cleaning process to be highly effective. Avoid touching the hot wires, the sensor’s leads because they are pretty thin. You must cover other locations before cleaning the MAF.

Can the large air flow sensor be repaired?

The large airflow sensor is repairable. It only takes a few simple steps to remove screws and plastic components. However, to avoid errors and affect the car, it is much better to go to the maintenance shop instead of fixing it at home.

Does using the WD 40 sensor affect the engine?

The WD 40 sensor is the last option if the above products cannot be found. Although it can clean the MAF, it leaves behind dust particles. That is why consumers do not like to use this type of tool.

Dust particles are usually in the form of solvents to stick to the hot wire. From there, this layer of dust disturbs the airflow, leading to incorrect information transmitted.


The information above will help you choose alternative ways to clean the mass airflow sensor. There are many cleaning products on the market, but you need to select the most suitable and beneficial for your vehicle.

The above notes are mistakes that users have made, so consider carefully before using them! I hope the article brings valuable knowledge to you.

Thank you for reading!

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