Steps On How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster

Because of its essential contributions to helping the driver control the vehicle’s parameters and significantly affect traveling safety, you will need to repair the GM instrument cluster as soon as this unit is operational. 

In fact, instead of trying to disassemble the parts to manipulate, it is best to try resetting the instrument cluster first. Because the reset process has a positive effect, we will save a lot of time and effort. If you do not know how to reset gm instrument cluster, refer to the article below.

What Is An Instrument Cluster?

What Is An Instrument Cluster

A car instrument cluster is a collection of sensors, electronic devices, mechanical watches, and indicator lights. 

With the combination of many such details, the instrument cluster can provide the user with information about the vehicle’s performance. From there, it gives an overview of the condition of the car you are using.

You can easily recognize the instrument cluster on your vehicle because when you step into the car and sit in the control position, this instrument cluster is the first thing you will see.

Because the importance of the instrument cluster is so great that manufacturers have to try to direct the attention of users to this position.

Why Do We Need Gauge Clusters?

The most straightforward reason the crane asks why we need an Instrument cluster is that you will have to observe and pay attention to this part during the vehicle’s operation. Because we will need to effectively control the vehicle’s operating parameters such as speed or engine condition. 

But only quality gauges and indicator lights can give us the most accurate information.

An instrument cluster is also a place for you to control the functions and communicate with the outside. Some vehicles also use this unit to report functional errors like Toyota models with CD player problems. Although these features are only available on high-end cars, most models will certainly have these modern features in the future.

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What Causes The Instrument Cluster To Stop Working?

Below are some of the most common causes of instrument cluster failure or intermittent performance.

Corrosion leads to loss of connection.

Even equipping a vehicle with quality batteries like the Napa, wiring problems will prevent the instrument cluster from using its full power. Because it is an electronic part, the instrument cluster operates heavily on power from a battery or accumulator. So if the conductors are no longer able to function correctly, the part cannot function properly in the way that the manufacturer has established in advance.

Problems with the screen

The screen is the central display position of many essential parameters on the vehicle, so this part certainly plays a huge role, whether an LED or LCD screen. So if there is a problem related to the screen, such as flickering or even loss of signal, the instrument cluster will not be able to operate stably.

Electronic details are problematic.

Electronic components are often associated with characteristics such as fragile and often malfunctioning due to influences from the outside world. And the fact has proven that with only small external forces, the electronic equipment in the vehicle and especially the components that make up the instrument cluster no longer operate stably.

Sadly, it only takes one component to malfunction, and the entire instrument cluster will no longer be able to maintain operation.

Signs Of The Bad Instrument Cluster

If there are signs below, then it is very likely that you need to reset the instrument cluster as soon as possible or bring the car to the repair unit for them to perform an inspection. Please try to do these jobs as quickly as possible for the safety

  • Flickering operation: One of the parts, like a service ride control light, suddenly turns on without any error signal, or all parts turn off and on simultaneously. It is a common sign of a glitch. In addition, the maintenance of a longer or shorter warning time is also a phenomenon that can be seen.
  • No lights: If the lights on the signal positions do not light up, this indicates that the instrument cluster is not working correctly.
  • Complete silence: It can be the most obvious sign and the most problematic as it is now challenging to pinpoint where the problem started.

How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster?

How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster

To reset the GM instrument cluster, you need to perform the following steps in sequence.

Remove the headlight fuse

First, you’ll need to find and remove the fuse that controls the instrument cluster in the car’s headlights. You need to be aware that this process can affect the headlights because you will have to repeatedly turn this unit on and off when trying to remove the fuse.

Operational steps include

Check and locate where the fuse box is under the hood. This process will be the same as when we try to find the number 1 on a hei distributor cap when the user has to disassemble some other part.

Once you’ve found the fuse, you need to remove the 15A right and left low headlight fuses. Then there are positions 1 and 6 that also need to be affected.

Working with the electric lock

At this step, you will need to prepare the electric key in advance and put it inside the drive to activate the car. When you finish placing the key inside, move the key and return to the zero position or keep it in position 1 as you like.

Press the sel/reset button

You should see a sel/reset button next to the fuel gauge. If your car doesn’t have control there, you can check below another alternative button called Multi-Information Display Info that may appear nearby.

You can use either of these buttons by pressing and holding for some time to notify the vehicle’s computer that a reset is about to take place. Immediately after releasing the reset button, you need to return to the operation of the headlights by turning on this part.

Turn on the ignition switch.

In this step, you need to start the engine system inside the vehicle by turning the key to activate the ignition switch.

Turn the system off and on continuously.

When you see the light on, quickly turn off the headlights and turn it on immediately afterward. All operations in this step need high accuracy and reasonable speed because we only have 5 seconds to perform. Also, note that you need to ensure you are holding the Select/Reset button.

Release the button

Now that you’ve finished turning the headlights on and off, you need to move quickly to activate the Sel / Reset button again. However, in this step, you do not need to hold down.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1.How much does it cost to fix the instrument clusters?

The average cost for an instrument cluster replacement is between $804 and $824. Labor costs are estimated at $77 to $98, while parts cost around $726.

2.Can a bad battery cause gauges not to work?

The low voltage coming from a low-quality battery or insufficient power can cause the instrument cluster not to work.

3.Can I Drive Without Resetting The Cluster?

You can still operate the car in the condition of the instrument cluster having an error without prioritizing the reset. However, it would be hazardous to maintain this situation for a long time.


So together, we have found the answer to the question of how to reset the GM instrument cluster and learned valuable information about the GM instrument cluster. Hopefully, this information will give you the complete view of how this unit works.

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