How To Reset Ford Instrument Cluster? Easy Tip

Vehicles from the Ford brand are always famous for their durability and the ability to maintain the quality of components for a long time. However, no matter how good these products are, they will face failures, especially in electronic parts such as instrument clusters. 

Therefore, today we will show you a simple way on how to reset the Ford instrument cluster?.

What Is An Instrument Cluster?

An instrument cluster is a cluster of gauges and indicator lights that collect signals that provide a complete overview of important information that directly affects the operation and condition of the vehicle you’re using.

All vehicles in general and cars in particular, whether expensive or cheap, are equipped with an instrument cluster to review and monitor the vehicle’s operation.

However, the manufacturer will add the clocks and the notice board for more parameters and conditions of the vehicle. But for, specific vital parameters will still be present enough to ensure no dangerous situations are created.

What Is An Instrument Cluster

Uses Of Gauge Cluster

The instrument cluster will have to observe and pay attention during vehicle operation.

Because all the necessary information for us to control the vehicle’s performance and warning lights such as service StabiliTrak light are located here. Naturally, manufacturers choose such a combination arrangement to ensure that the driver’s perspective does not deviate from the distraction.

In addition, an instrument cluster is also a place for you to control the vehicle’s functions. Although these features are only available on high-end cars, most models will undoubtedly have these modern features in the future.

What Causes The Instrument Cluster To Stop Working?

With a component that has a lot to do with delicate electronics, there are bound to be many causes. However, there are some of the most common reasons that we have listed below.

#Fire lights

Most of the lights in the instrument cluster on modern cars are LED lights, so the risk of fire or damage will also be greatly reduced. However, that does not mean that we can eliminate the risks from these parts. 

The indicator lights are the means that play a significant role in the notification operation of this part through the way of switching on and off or flashing like check engine light.

#Wire is corroded or disconnected.

As an electrical component, the instrument cluster relies heavily on battery or battery power to operate, so if the conductors can no longer function properly, the unit cannot access the power source. Without electricity, all activities will undoubtedly be delayed.

#The stuck needle

Besides the indicator light, the hand is another visual tool for displaying numerical information such as velocity on the instrument cluster. So if the needle is stuck, then this part is not working correctly.

#Problems with the screen

Whether it is an LED or LCD screen, it is undoubtedly essential for displaying all the above parameters’ information. 

Some modern cars even remove the mechanical needle clusters and instead have a virtual clock displayed entirely on the screen. 

So if there is a problem related to the screen, such as flickering or even loss of signal, the instrument cluster will not be able to operate stably.

Signs Of The Bad Instrument Cluster

It is not too difficult for us to know that the instrument cluster is having problems because, based on common sense, you can know early that this part is not working correctly.

  • Flickering Operation: If the indicator lights or kin keep changing positions like the car temperature gauge goes up and down while driving or even stays in one place forever, it is an indication that the instrument cluster is working. effective
  • No lights: If the lights on the signal positions do not light up, this indicates that the instrument cluster is not working correctly.
  • Complete silence: This can be the most obvious sign and the most problematic as it is now challenging to pinpoint where the problem started.

How To Reset Ford Instrument Cluster?

How To Reset Ford Instrument Cluster

To reset the instrument cluster on your Ford vehicle by the following ways. Fortunately, you won’t need complicated tools or manipulations, but don’t forget to follow the instructions.

  • Plug the ignition key into the ignition while leaving it in position 0 or 1.
  • Then, press and hold the Sel/Reset button or turn the Sel/Reset knob. Usually, you can easily find these buttons somewhere on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. Or you can find it just below the Show Multi Info button.
  • Turn on your headlights. Make sure the headlights are off before you start this test. Otherwise, repeat step 1 if you forgot to turn off the headlights before starting the test.
  • At this point, we will begin to turn the key to start mode. You will find that some lights on the dashboard will turn on. While you still hold the Sel/Reset button or knob, continuously turn the headlights on and off. Do this for five seconds.
  • After five seconds, release the Select/Reset button. From there, press the same Sel/Reset button three times. At this point, the instrument cluster will begin a self-test.
  • Each time you press the Sel/Reset button, the instrument cluster will reset itself to the proper position.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1.Do you have to reprogram an instrument cluster?

The short answer is no. Replacing the meter or gauge assembly will not reset mileage.

2.Is there a way to reset a digital odometer?

Digital odometers are reprogrammable by removing the circuit board from the vehicle to change odometer readings or by using a reset device that is direct to the vehicle’s electronics, such as when we bypass asd relay.


Hopefully, after today’s article, you have learned how to reset the Ford instrument cluster so that you can quickly deal with problems with this part of your vehicle.

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