How To Fix A Sunroof That Won’t Close All The Way?

Every door that our vehicle owns must have a flexible opening and closing mechanism and the ability to close fully. 

Because besides the times when we need to open these parts to circulate air or catch the sun, there are times when we need to close them tightly to prevent dust or water from outside. 

So it will be a disaster if the doors in general and especially the sunroof cannot close completely as usual. So, how to fix a sunroof that won’t close all the way? Do not hesitate to refer to today’s article for a detailed guide.

What Is A Sunroof? 

What Is A Sunroof

Like many other types of windows arranged throughout our car, the sunroof is a layer of transparent glass that can be opened and closed flexibly depending on the needs of the user.

Unlike conventional windows, the sunroof is on the roof of our car, which receives a large amount of wind and direct sunlight from the environment. That’s why many people choose to open this device when

move to provide more light and ventilation for use on the go in nice weather.

In addition, people often open the sunroof if the car is left for a long time inactive or when cleaning throw up from car on the car to ventilate the air and eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Styles Of Sunroofs

Like many other components on our vehicles, the sunroof has an impressive number of variations to serve the needs of its users best. 

Like axles on car variants, each variation of this part bears on the original model.

  • Inner sunroofs: These are windows that are fitted between the baffle and the metal skin of the roof and retract into a custom-made bag
  • Outside sunroof: Present on the roof of the vehicle. This type of door is mainly glass, and some are textiles.
  • Fixed sunroof: These are fixed glass structures specific to let light in.

It is also typical, but it is still debated whether to add Moonroof to the list of variations of Sunroofs or not.

Reasons Why Your Sunroof Isn’t Closing Properly

There are many possible reasons why the sunroof on your vehicle can no longer close directly. From mechanical reasons to beyond lubricants or even electronics can be the leading cause. However, the following causes appear much more common.

Mechanical problems

The sunroof is also essentially glass. The other materials that make up the impact can still destroy or damage the mechanism these parts possess, especially close the glass completely.

Usually, broken glass or loose panels are the most common causes of mechanical problems. Because glass is glass, there will be weak points no matter how strong it is. From there, agents can easily create severe damage. 

Meanwhile, although somewhat more solid, the panel has relatively weak connections that lead to easy loosening.

Connection problems

Connection errors can be quickly dealt with in the first place, but if you don’t check your vehicle in general and its components regularly, you will hardly notice it. And if this situation persists for a long time, by the time symptoms like Water Leaking into Car from Roof appear, it will be too late.

Despite creating severe consequences, the source of reconnection problems comes from quite simple causes such as lack of lubrication. 

Besides, worn or broken cables can also be the reason for adhesion or bonding problems. The cables are pliable to the gears on the motor, but this can be quickly destroyed if the rails get stuck.

Electrical problems

With vehicles using an automatic opening and closing mechanism, electrical problems will cause no minor pain for the ability to open and close the sunroof fully.

What Can You Do Before An Intensive Repair?

You can try a simple fix before diving into more detailed repair steps. If this can help your Windows suspending problem, we won’t need any more specialized steps.

In this case, open the sunroof all the way and leave it closed. 

As it is, it won’t close all the way. Do not let go of the switch and hold it for about 20 seconds, and you will see that the roof closes.

At this time, the system will automatically reset the operating methods, such as checking the operability of parts. If there is a problem with the opener, it will undoubtedly be dealt with quickly.

How To Fix A Sunroof That Won’t Close All The Way?

How To Fix A Sunroof That Won't Close All The Way

  • The first step requires you to access the lifting arms, but before that, we need to remove the protective glass first. So remember to prepare the tools before doing this step.
  • Then we will start to raise the push rod arms forward if they do not close with a screwdriver. It will help the lift arm to close completely. If the windows have returned to their normal state, you should actively change the glass to avoid other problems.
  • The next step will be to lift the sunroof cable. It may have slipped in the path of the fork and guide. Remove the J-plate in the sunroof and put the line back in. Follow up by replacing the J plate and checking that the lift arms are in full motion.
  • Next, we need to check the electrical system and the fuse that controls the opening and closing mechanism of the window. First, check the motor with a screwdriver. Place the screwdriver in the center of the engine at the nylon brush. You can always make the motor run manually by turning the screwdriver. Then check the wires and connections.
  • Cleaning up debris in the track and cleaning the junctions will be the last step we need to take.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1.How much does it cost to fix a sunroof that won’t close?

The average sunroof engine replacement cost is between $678 and $737. Labor costs are estimated at $226 to $284, while parts range in price from $452, which is relatively high considering the issues involved. to another window like remove window tint glue.

2.How do you manually close a sunroof?

Slide the locking pins toward the windshield and pull the housing down to remove the interior of the roof light assembly.

3.Is there a fuse for the sunroof?

Like most electronic components in your car, your electric sunroof has a fuse that protects the system from voltage spikes.


So we have shown you how to fix a sunroof that won’t close in the simplest and most effective ways. I hope that the information contained in today’s article will help you quickly solve this annoying problem.

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