How Long Does An Alignment Take?

Alignment is an action that you will need to perform throughout the entire life of operating and controlling your vehicle. Because problems will not stop appearing as long as the car is running, you will need to intervene to balance and adjust if you want the control to remain smooth and the vehicle to stay safe. 

When it comes to alignment, tires are one of the essential parts that you need to align. But luckily, this process only takes a moment for you. 

So, If you want to know how long does an alignment take, the following article will provide you.

What Is A Tire Alignment?

What Is A Tire Alignment

Just like the process of adjusting many other parts of the vehicle, tire alignment is the process of acting on each wheel on the car, thereby bringing these parts to the correct position relative to the remaining reels. 

Not only that, but this process also creates a balance between the wheel’s center of gravity and the road surface to ensure stability when moving.

Many different mechanisms and support systems come into play during tire alignment on a vehicle. So unlike many simple repair processes like reset miles on a car, you will need the help of experienced and technical mechanics.

Is Tire Alignment Necessary?

First, we need to know about the primary purpose of tire alignment. Aligning the tires will help bring the wheels and axles perpendicularly, creating similarity during operation. If these parts move in the most common approach, the vehicle’s stability will be significantly enhanced. And flexibility is closely related to the driver’s stability and safety.

We all know that cars and vehicles with a driver inside put safety first. So we can say that tire alignment is necessary.

How Do I Know I Need An Alignment?

It doesn’t take a lot of special equipment to know when to align the tires on your vehicle. Because with the naked eye, we can know when to clean the Whitewall Tires, then just with familiar driving feeling, you can also understand that the tire is operating unstably. Here are some sensations you may feel when your tires need alignment

  • Pull hard in one direction
  • Light pull
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • The steering wheel is crooked

Uneven tire wear causes an imbalance in the vehicle’s center of gravity.

How Long Does An Alignment Take?

How Long Does An Alignment Take

We can easily see that alignment in general and wheel alignment, in particular, is necessary for the vehicle to operate normally. However, the alignment itself is also a complex process and requires a high degree of precision.

But fortunately, thanks to the significant development of many types of equipment and manufacturing technology, today’s machines can better support the manipulation process. Thereby shortening the time required to align down to an acceptable level. Usually, the total time for this process will fall in the range of 1 to 2 hours for a complete cycle.

But in such a process, you will have to go through the following steps:

  • Take the vehicle to the shop, then provide the specs to the technician so they can set their equipment to the state that best suits our truck.
  • Before starting the wheel alignment process, the check step will appear. It’s all checked in one go from the car’s shock absorbers to every bolt and even system failure. Thanks to these steps, the alignment process can achieve the best results.
  • The alignment will take place, and it will take some time for you to test drive and determine if the bike is balanced.

In addition, an accompanying procedure needs to be performed besides wheel alignment called wheel balancing. If you do it all the time, it will take you 40 minutes to 2 hours of extra work. This period is sufficient to balance the wheels to the correct gauge using the appropriate machinery.

What Can Make a Tire Alignment Take Longer?

1 to 2 hours is the time it takes to align the tires. But in fact, this number often tends to be longer due to the impact of several objective and subjective factors.

Different media types may take longer to align

Each car line has a somewhat different structure, although they still use the same standard body shape. So it’s not too surprising that some luxury cars with complicated designs like Volvo take a long time and cost to maintain and align. Meanwhile, products in the mid-end and popular segments are easy to manipulate, thereby shortening the time.

Components’ condition is adjusted during alignment.

If components have experienced excessive damage, alignment may not be possible, and intervention may reduce these damages to an acceptable level. This auxiliary repair process can increase the time needed to operate.

Technician’s Experience

A good technician can help you reduce the operation time significantly. In contrast, even if he does not damage the vehicle, an inexperienced mechanic will still increase the time it takes to operate seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is It OK To Drive With Bad Alignment?

It can be that driving a car that does not align well is like using a vehicle with metal shavings in oil and knocking. These conditions can lead to unfortunate accidents if you don’t fix them soon.

How Much Does An Alignment Cost?

The cost of alignment is also not as expensive as we often imagine. You only need to spend $ 200 for an alignment.

How often should I get a tire alignment?

Once a year is the right number to adjust to help the car operate more stably.


Tire alignment can be fast or slow, depending on many different factors. And hope you were able to explain why the process of manipulating your vehicle took so long.

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