How Long Does A Transmission Flush Take?

According to experts, all cars from economy class to high-class need periodic maintenance. It will help your vehicle run more smoothly. At the same time, the rate of accidents while driving will significantly reduce. 

One of those maintenance activities is transmission flush. This work will be pretty complicated and time-consuming. So, how long does a transmission flush take?

In fact, each car model will have a different replacement time. It usually takes 3-4 hours for professional car repairers to complete this process. Follow the article below for a complete explanation.

What Is A Transmission Flush?

What Is A Transmission Flush

Over time, transmission fluid will accumulate dirt. These impurities will hinder the transmission of the engine, thereby reducing the vehicle’s performance.

Therefore, transmission flush removes these impurities from the environment and replaces them with new fluids. Dirt will no longer be a hazard to your engine.

You need to perform a transmission flush after the car has traveled about 15,000 miles. This number can increase or decrease depending on how often you use your car. You can consult mechanical repair experts for more necessary information.

Why Is Transmission Flush Necessary?

A transmission flush is a necessary maintenance job for all vehicle models, which will help your vehicle run smoother. The dirt inside the automatic transmission will be discharged to the outside. Thanks to that, the transmission lines will always be clear.

So, if this process is not done, what will happen? Dirt will be the culprit creating a blockage inside the transmission line. When this part does not have ventilation, your car will not function properly.

If you do not follow the experts’ instructions, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money repairing the entire car.

How Long Does A Transmission Flush Take?

How Long Does A Transmission Flush Take

The transmission flush process will take quite a while. An experienced mechanic will also take 3-4 hours to complete. They will use industrial pumps and common dischargers to do this. During this process, old liquids with a lot of dirt will be flushed out.

On the other hand, this activity may take less time. If the fluid in your automatic transmission is low in the scale, it will only take you about 2 hours to complete. As for cars with a lot of dirt inside, you will need to use a lot of time.

In addition, the time to complete this job will depend on the model of vehicle you are using and the person performing it. If you go to professional repair centers, you will not wait too many hours.

Signs To Replace Transmission Fluid

The replacement of transmission fluid is essential. So, if you notice one of the following signs, make time and rush to your local repair center:

Dark brown fluid

Automatic transmission fluid will usually be bright red. If you detect a change in the color of this product, you need to perform a transmission flush promptly.

Usually, a liquid that turns dark red or brown signifies that it’s time for a replacement. The color change means that the dirt has adhered to the gearbox and changed the color of the liquid. Like the Toyota oil filter, if you don’t find a way to fix it, the quality of the car will drop significantly.

Transmission flipping

Another very recognizable sign is motion slippage. This phenomenon occurs when your engine and other components are not working correctly. The engine noises will also be heard when you start, but there is no immediate response.

Not only that, some liquid will leak out when you move. It would help if you did not attempt to drive in this situation, which is very dangerous for yourself and those around you.

Shifting feels different

Shift problems are also signs that you need to have your vehicle serviced immediately. When shifting, they make a sound that catches your attention.

In addition, your feeling when driving will also be different. At this point, you need to pay attention to the automatic transmission to check if any liquid is leaking outside. If so, you need to replace the transmission fluid to be safe quickly.

Does Transmission Flush Affect Car Quality?

Does Transmission Flush Affect Car Quality

Many people think that transmission flush can degrade the quality of the car. But the reality is not so. This operation is simply trying to flush out the dirt inside the automatic transmission, and it won’t harm your vehicle.

There are 2 ways to automatically drain the liquid on the market: external discharge and complete discharge. Both of these types will not reduce the quality of your car. They even help prolong the life of your beloved car.

Specifically, the process involves removing the drain plug and replacing it with new fluids for external flushing. This activity will not take too much time. As for the full flush, it will take you about 3-4 hours to complete. 

This work includes flushing, cleaning, filling, and a second flush. When finished, the automatic transmission fluid will be completely clean, and the transmission line will also be more open.


A transmission flush is an essential operation to enhance the car’s performance. You need to pay attention to maintenance as directed by mechanical experts to keep your car in the best condition. I hope the above article has helped you grasp the time it takes to perform the transmission flush and the importance of this work.

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