How Long Does A Car Battery Last With Radio On?

One of the devices capable of creating comfort for the driver during the journey is the radio. Yes, this device is located close to the car control system with the main task of catching waves and broadcasting information to serve the needs of drivers. 

However, How long does a car battery last with radio on? So how to turn on the radio while saving heat? The following article will help you answer that question.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last With Radio On?

With a car battery, you can use this device to listen to 12V satellite radio for 10 to 20 hours. However, the duration of use will depend on many different factors.

For example, usually, radios don’t use too much energy when they’re running. But when you continuously turn them on for a long time, it will consume a lot of battery power. Because battery power will destroy faster when they have to discharge for a long time. 

From there, your battery system will run out of fuel. To save money on an investment in new products, you can recharge the battery. You need to know how to tell the positive and negative on a car battery how to tell positive and negative on a car battery before charging.

In addition, the time it takes for the battery to fully discharge when the radio is turned on continuously depends on the speaker capacity. With a subwoofer, the amount of power it consumes is much higher than that of conventional speakers. In addition, with some stations with large screens, more electricity will also be consumed in this part.

Currently, most car batteries have a capacity of 60Ah. Thus you can supply 60amps for one hour or 6 amperes for ten hours. On the other hand, a stereo will require about 5 amps to work correctly. But when they increase in volume, the battery’s amount of power will most likely not be enough to meet.

The caveat is that you will need about 130 amps to start your motor. Therefore, if you leave the radio on for too long, chances are your car won’t be able to start. The cause is that the battery does not provide enough power to the starter.

So how to listen to the radio while saving battery power? There will be 2 main ways for you to do that effectively.

How To Save Battery To Listen To Radio?

How To Save Battery To Listen To Radio

Frequency change

The first way you can listen to the radio while saving battery power is to change the frequency. Because constantly changing frequencies will help you draw energy from the radio significantly. As a result, the power consumption will be less. You can save power on your battery.

Using portable speakers

This way, you will no longer use the car radio, but will immediately use your mobile device. Moreover, with the development of technology as it is now, portable radio will provide the ability to operate more efficiently. You will have many new built-in functions for the comfort of the driver. At the same time, the use of mobile radio also contributes to saving battery power.

So what should you do when you run out of battery power? 

You can choose to recharge the battery. Depending on the battery’s capacity, the time to charge the battery is different. One type of battery that allows you to improve charging speed dramatically is the Everstart battery who makes Everstart batteries. Using Everstart batteries will help you save setting time and prevent reverse charging when fully charged, providing the best user experience.

How To Tell If The Radio Is Draining Your Battery?

How To Tell If The Radio Is Draining Your Battery

Ways you can tell if your radio is draining your battery are:

  • When you use new batteries, but they only last a few weeks or a few months, it is a sign that the radio set is consuming a lot of battery power.
  • When starting the car, the engine rotates excessively
  • The flashlight on the control panel is always on when the battery has a problem or warns of a low power situation.
  • Dashboard lights and dimming headlights.
  • Some parts continue to function even when the vehicle is off

Can A Dead Battery Be Recharged?

The answer is yes. You can completely recharge the battery when it runs out of power. 

After a few months, it can also run out of control when you don’t use the battery. When you charge it and find it doesn’t turn on, that’s when you need to replace the battery system inside the battery. 

Because after a long time, your battery may have been with an acid battery, or some components will be completely damaged. Therefore, you will need to replace the damaged parts first to recharge the battery.

Also, once you’ve fully charged the battery, you’ll need to properly connect ground wire car battery to the car’s power source. In particular, the connection ground wire car battery is a set of wires that you cannot ignore during the reconnection process. In addition, the cathode and anode are also parts you need to pay special attention to. Usually, the cathode will be black, and the anode will be red.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

#How to turn on the radio when the car is off?

To turn on the radio when the car is off, you need to make sure that the radio is of good quality with enough power to power both the radio and the car stereo. 

You should limit devices with significant capacity to save energy for the radio. In the meantime, you should only use the essential equipment for your trip instead of using them all.

#What to do when the battery dies while listening to the radio?

As you know, the battery is the part that you need to check regularly. Because it can run out of power at any time: when listening to the radio, on the road,… 

Don’t worry about the above cases because you can still listen to the radio usually when your car is off. 

To recognize and learn about the golden time to charge the battery, you can refer to some articles on famous websites. They will introduce you to some great tips for efficient car battery maintenance and care.

#Do car batteries affect the radio?

If you are a person who rarely uses the radio, the car battery will not affect you much. Because the amount of power supplied to the radio is very little, it is not enough for the storm to affect your radio.

However, if you use the radio regularly and the battery is terrible, it will affect the radio and other electrical systems.

When the battery is in a state lower than the non-rechargeable level, the radio, lights, etc., will turn off. These will not restart when you turn on the car. The radio has internal fuses that can blow if near dead and stop working until the batteries are replaced, or new batteries are installed.


Thereby, the article has helped you answer the question above. Power consumption during radio use will depend on the wattage and volume you turn on. Therefore, to save power, you can choose to use a mobile device with the same capacity as the radio.

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