How Long Do Honda Accords Last? Expert’s Explained

Currently, there are many questions about the service life of 2 lines of honda accord and honda civics. If we use and maintain the car properly, it can extend its service life up to 20 years with both models.

Therefore, Honda car versions are always appreciated for their quality and durability during use. This article will look at all aspects related to Honda Accord.

At the same time, it will help you answer the question: How long do Honda accords last?

Some Salient Features

With Honda Accord or any car version of this brand, there are 4 outstanding features in common. Therefore, after 2 centuries, Honda has always had a firm foothold in automobile manufacturing.

Parts that rarely fail

Honda manufacturers from Japan always focus on minimizing the details in their cars. However, it still ensures full features, meeting the needs of users.

Some other car brands from Germany do not attach importance to the depreciation of auto parts. They often combine many different factors that will cause many problems, such as brakes squeak when stopping slow… Then, users will have to spend more time in the repair process.

Not with Honda Accord. It is ultimately the opposite of the trend of other car lines. It has helped the cars from this brand operate for a long time without any problems.

High-end car design

All Honda Accord components are in good working order at all times. Thanks to that, this company’s engine system has always worked stably for a long time. In addition, each year, the company has optimized and developed the design to suit users’ needs. Therefore, many high-end car designs of the Honda Accord were born in turn.

Cheap repair cost

With a car that does not cost to repair, users can maintain the car at any time. And Honda Accord has helped users save a lot of car repair costs. The auto parts of this brand are not expensive. For example, Honda’s camshaft sensor will undoubtedly be cheaper than brands from Germany many times. Therefore, you can easily replace this part without worrying too much about repair costs when this part has a problem.

In addition, with engine problems, most Honda cars will rarely encounter. Users can continuously drive for a long time without worrying too much about the life of the parts. Thanks to that, the value of the Honda Accord is always guaranteed. You can still sell them with old cars for a very high price.

Fuel economy

The engine system of Honda Accord cars is always for its ability to save fuel. In addition, the electric components of this vehicle always ensure two factors: high efficiency and energy saving. As a result, with only one set of 12VDC car batteries, you can continuously use it for a long time with stable capacity.

How Long Do Honda Accords Last?

How Long Do Honda Accords Last

On average, the mileage of the Honda Accord will fluctuate about 200.00 miles. But in reality, this distance can increase to 300,000 miles. 

It means you can use your car for 15-20 years with a Honda Accord. With a line of vehicles, this service life is too long, and few brands can guarantee a long life like Honda.

However, to have such a long service life, users need to adhere to periodic car maintenance. The Honda Accord always has a fixed maintenance interval for the user. You can refer to the car maintenance regulations below of this brand:

  • After 5000 miles: Rotate tire check brake and quality level, change oil and filter
  • After 30,000 miles: Replace spark plugs, adjust transmission belts and change the air filter
  • After 45,000 miles: change coolant and brake fluid
  • After 90,000 miles: Change the transmission fluid

On average, a year, Honda Accord users will travel about 13,500 miles. Therefore, if the average mileage does not change yearly, they can use the car for up to 20 years. 

Thus, the lack of regular maintenance will cause the car’s parts to have serious problems. You will need routine car maintenance if you want to sell your vehicle without reducing its value.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1.Can Hondas last 400,000 miles?

With most models of the Honda Accord, it is only capable of operating up to 300,000 miles. Therefore, the number of 400,000 is far beyond the mileage provided by the manufacturer.

2.What are the problems with the Honda Accord?

Components inside a Honda Accord car’s engine system can be damaged if not maintained regularly. Therefore, users need to remember 4 essential mileage milestones to keep the vehicle most accurate.

3.Is the Honda Accord a reliable car?

Yes. Cars from Honda Accord can have an operating life of up to 20 years. In addition, using the user can still sell the car at an extremely high price because the engine system of this car can operate exceptionally well for a long time without reducing performance.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the Honda Accord line. It can be that this is one of the great versions of cars that you should use because it possesses a powerful engine system and has an operating life of up to 20 years. To achieve such extraordinary capabilities, users need to maintain the vehicle according to the mileage milestones from the manufacturer Honda.

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