How Fast Can You Drive With Snow Chains?

Traveling by car in snowy conditions is quite dangerous because the terrain is slippery. Therefore, the manufacturer has invented snow chains to help you move more quickly.

If you are wondering about choosing this support tool and are interested in How fast can you drive with snow chains?, this article is the answer for you. We have put together basic information to help you better understand this product.

What Are Snow Chains?

First of all, you need to know that snow chains, also known as tire chains, can increase traction to help your car move on slippery terrains such as ice and snow.

You can use these snow chains on all vehicles that use inflatable tires, including cars and trucks.

In terms of materials, the material to make snow chains is metal, mainly steel. These products have a unique structure that increases friction and better slip resistance.

Therefore, they help you maintain speed and overcome complex terrains like ice and snow. As a result, they also assist in ensuring the driver’s safety.

Why Should You Use Snow Chains?

Surely, you also wonder why you need to buy more snow chains and when to use them. As mentioned, this device can reduce slip and help you move more safely in snow and ice conditions.

In particular, this product also helps you maintain a stable speed to prevent the car from stalling. As you know, in snowy terrain conditions, you will have to go slowly, but if the rate is below 30km/h, the car may not move and turn off the engine.

At that time, adding snow chains to the wheels will help you to be able to move at a minimum of over 30km/h safely.

Besides, if you are an experienced driver and can handle fast situations, you can completely set a higher speed when adding this product to the wheel.

In short, this device is essential and suitable for moving on slippery terrain.

How Fast Can You Drive With Snow Chains?

How Fast Can You Drive With Snow Chains

Many people are most concerned about the speed with which you can move when using snow chains. 

As mentioned above, when using this device, you can move at a minimum speed of 30km / h to ensure safety and maintain a stable speed so that the vehicle can move forward.

However, you can move faster, maybe even up to 50 km / h. That is, you can safely drive at high speeds using this anti-slip assist device.

Importantly, you should only set a fast speed when handling unexpected situations and sound driving experience. In particular, weather conditions are also an essential factor affecting speed setting. If the snow is too heavy, it’s best to move more slowly.

In general, when adding snow chains, you can control the car at a speed of about 30 -55 km / h. Note, for safety, please observe the terrain and rely on your driving ability to adjust the appropriate rate.

In moving, you may encounter many other problems related to the wheels. Then, you must change tire size on the same rim correctly to ensure the vehicle runs stably.

Factors Affecting?

Next, to help you better understand how to regulate speed while moving, we’ve put together some Factors Affecting How Fast You Can Drive with Snow Chains. These factors directly impact your safety, specifically:

Terrain Status

First, the terrain is an essential factor in how fast you can move. If the snow is new and slippery, you should not accelerate but maintain a steady level.


Next, you also need to observe the weather before increasing the speed. In favorable conditions, you can travel at up to 50km/h, but if the snow is still heavily affecting visibility, try to run at 30km/h.

Snow Chains’ Conformity

Besides, the suitability of Snow Chains with tires is also a factor that you should pay attention to. If the equipment fits and holds well, traveling at high speeds is safer than using unsuitable equipment.

In addition, try to buy quality products to ensure safety if you want to move faster. In particular, the time of using the product also has a specific impact on your movement speed.

Another issue you need to be concerned about is a tire to wear on the outside. In particular, it can also be why Snow Chains are no longer suitable.

Driving experience

In the end, how fast you can travel depends on your own driving experience. You should speed up if you are a longtime driver with good situational handling ability.

How To Drive With Snow Chains Safely?

How To Drive With Snow Chains Safely

To drive safely when using Snow Chains, you need to pay attention to the issues and factors mentioned in the previous content. At the same time, it is essential to choose good quality products with effective anti-slip properties.

Besides, you need to pay attention to several more issues during your migration. Specifically:

  • First, slow down when moving into snowy terrain, especially where the new snow is relatively thin and slippery.
  • When bending or turning downhill, slow down and coordinate with the brake pedal to ensure that the vehicle moves stably.
  • It is advisable to let experienced people with quick reflexes drive on snowy roads. At the same time, if you have to travel long distances, make sure there are at least two people in the car who can take turns driving.
  • Please maintain the car in a stable state because it will be very dangerous if the car is bouncing up and down. It can affect your safety and your loved ones in the car.


In short, snow chains are essential items that you should invest in your car. In particular, it helps you to move more quickly and contributes to ensuring safety when driving.

Hopefully, with the information that we share, it has been possible to help you answer how fast you can drive with snow chains. 

Wishing you safe journeys even in extreme weather and terrain conditions such as snow or ice.

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