Car Bouncing Up And Down: Cause & Repair

Have you ever encountered a car bouncing up and down when traveling by your beloved car? This phenomenon is quite familiar to a lot of people. Therefore, some car owners are subjective and think that it is only due to obstacles to road terrain.

However, if this phenomenon occurs too often, you need to pay close attention. It is a warning sign that some part of your car’s interior has problems. If not repaired in time, the car’s life will be shortened.

So, let’s find out why cars bouncing up and down and how to fix them effectively.

Causes Of Car Bouncing Up And Down

Car Bouncing Up And Down

There are many causes of the car bouncing up and down. Here are the most common reasons for this phenomenon:

Damaged damping mode

All moving vehicles have a suspension system. This mode helps you drive more smoothly when going to locations with rough terrain. At the same time, the shock absorber will also help you avoid wheel slip or damage to the vehicle’s interior.

So when this mode breaks, your car will bounce up and down. You can easily recognize this when driving to places with speed bumps. Your car will reflect more than usual.

If you do not pay attention and continue driving for a long time, the tire to wear on the outside will not be protected by the shock absorber system. You may even slip and have unfortunate accidents.

Wheel problem.

The wheels have the function of helping the vehicle move. This unit must have the correct synchronization so that the car can move forward or backward precisely as you want. So, what if your wheel has a problem? When wheel alignment is poor, parts tend to be severely damaged. From there, the phenomenon of the car bouncing up and down will occur.

In addition, the outer tire is also a matter of concern. Phenomena such as flat tires or using poor quality products are also the causes of your car’s problems.

It would help if you did not drive in these situations because the possibility of an accident while moving is enormous. You need quick repairs to help prolong the life of your car.

Poor quality steering wheel

Wheels help vehicles move while the steering wheel controls your direction. This unit can rotate at will, helping you turn left, turn right or turn the car around. So the steering wheel is essential equipment, and you need to find the best products.

If you use poor quality, you will not control your car. A flawed steering system will cause the car to bounce up and down. You will not be able to steer, and it is straightforward to have unfortunate accidents. Therefore, you should not attempt to drive your vehicle when this system has problems. It would help find the right solution to fix the problem quickly.

Damaged ball joints

Damaged ball joints are also the cause of cars bouncing up and down. If this part is out of alignment, you will not move your vehicle smoothly. Worse yet, you can’t steer the car in the right direction. This part will affect both the wheel and the engine inside. Therefore, you should find the proper repair to avoid the worst cases from happening.

Leaked struts

Suspension problems are sporadic. However, it would help if you were not subjective because it is also crucial inside the car. They not only reduce performance but also unbalance the vehicle. In the long run, your car will bounce up and down.

Therefore, you should have suitable solutions for these cases. In the next section, we’ll show you ways to fix the problem.

How To Fix It Effectively?

How To Fix It Effectively

The ways to fix this phenomenon are usually straightforward. If you are mechanical savvy, you can certainly do it. Here are the most effective ways that you can easily do:

Find a new shock absorber

This method will help you solve the problem related to the damping mode. To prevent car bouncing, you need to buy a quality shock absorber. You can find car repair parts distributors to buy. This part is easy to find.

The car’s shock absorber is located under the vehicle regarding the replacement. Some models are installed on the side of the wheel to enhance the smoothness of use. So you can look up the necessary information about the car to avoid wasting time finding the location of this part.

Tire replacement

When tires have been too long, their quality will decrease, and the friction will be lost. At that time, driving will be pretty dangerous because the wheel will not stop even if you try to apply the brake pedal. Therefore, tire replacement is essential. This work is quite simple. You need to disassemble the old tires and install the new parts.

In addition, you also need to prepare some necessary tools such as new tires, wrenches, gloves, and some other items. If you do not know how to repair the process, you can refer to the instructions on the website or watch the video of Chrisfix. They will detail each step to make the repair job more manageable.

Go to service centers

Sometimes, going to a service center is the best solution. If you do not know cars, self-repair at home is impossible. You could end up making the car worse.

At repair centers, mechanical experts will examine and determine the cause of car bouncing. They will also help you fix problem parts and provide maintenance that will prolong the life of your car.


Cars bouncing up and down is not an uncommon phenomenon. Almost all cars will have this problem. However, it would help if you were not too subjective. Instead of driving, as usual, you should find the cause and take timely remedial measures. From there, your car will always be of good quality and help you drive safer.

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