Why Is Car Registration So Expensive In California?

Why Is Car Registration So Expensive In California

For a long time, cars have become an indispensable transportation tool for every household. We cannot deny the convenience that cars bring to users.  To be able to own a car, you will have to pay a car purchase fee and have to pay another vehicle registration fee.  So, why is car registration so expensive … Read more

How To Clean A Car Carburetor Without Removing It?

How To Clean A Car Carburetor Without Removing It

The carburetor is an essential part of vehicles using internal combustion engines. Because it uses gasoline or diesel, the engine also needs a carburetor to create an explosive mixture to provide enough operating pressure for the cylinders inside. But in fact, the car carburetor is quite challenging to access and disassemble for cleaning because of … Read more

Where To Hook Up Vacuum Advance?

Where To Hook Up Vacuum Advance

Vacuum can be the difference in pressure inside the intake manifold and outside air. Gasoline engines only work in the presence of a vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner is in the wrong place, the engine will not work and lead to leakage, fire, and explosion. Therefore, the article will help you find the answer … Read more

Chevy 350 TBI Stumbles On Acceleration & How To Fix

As you know, Chevy 350 is a famous small displacement engine set worldwide. It possesses outstanding features: durable speed, smooth operation, and no intense noise during use. As a result, it became one of the most efficient automobile engine sets of the 20th century.  Although the Chevy 350 was of excellent quality, it had some … Read more

How To Prime A Mechanical Fuel Pump?

Thanks to the continuous development of technology, the internal components of the cars we are using are also more and more advanced.  The fuel pump also no longer operates based on mechanical mechanisms from the engine to the transmission. Instead, electronic technologies are gradually replacing them to make vehicles more flexible.  But it is also … Read more

Should A Fan Clutch Spin Freely When Cold?

In using vehicles in daily life, you will always ask questions and problems related to the vehicle’s system and equipment. And an issue is: Should A Fan Clutch Spin Freely When Cold? That’s why we’re here today to help you get rid of the anxiety you’re having. So, is such free rotation a sign of … Read more