How Fast Can You Drive With Snow Chains?

What Are Snow Chains

Traveling by car in snowy conditions is quite dangerous because the terrain is slippery. Therefore, the manufacturer has invented snow chains to help you move more quickly. If you are wondering about choosing this support tool and are interested in How fast can you drive with snow chains?, this article is the answer for you. … Read more

How Long Does A Transmission Flush Take?

How Long Does A Transmission Flush Take

According to experts, all cars from economy class to high-class need periodic maintenance. It will help your vehicle run more smoothly. At the same time, the rate of accidents while driving will significantly reduce.  One of those maintenance activities is transmission flush. This work will be pretty complicated and time-consuming. So, how long does a … Read more

Why Are Bentleys So Expensive?

Why Are Bentleys So Expensive

Bentley is no longer a strange name for car enthusiasts. This brand does not create large pickup trucks with many different off-road modes like Toyota, Honda, or Hyundai, priced from $250,000 to $300,000. In contrast, the cars of this brand are often high-class and luxurious. So, why are Bentleys so expensive? There are many reasons … Read more

Can A Bad Neutral Safety Switch Cause Shift Problems?

Can A Bad Neutral Safety Switch Cause Shift Problems

If you are a regular user of a manual transmission vehicle, you will not feel too unfamiliar with the neutral safety switch. Yes, this is a detail in manual transmission cars with the task of fixing the car from moving forward if there is no parking or middle ground.  Therefore, when the safety switch fails, … Read more

Do Car Alarms Stop On Their Own?

Do Car Alarms Stop On Their Own

Thanks to modern technology, many models of cars use automatic systems. Thanks to this unit, you can detect problems when the engine is having problems. In addition, they can also chime to signal to you that someone is trying to enter your vehicle illegally. However, sometimes the alarm system can sound even though your car … Read more

How Long Does A Car Battery Last With Radio On?

How Long Does A Car Battery Last With Radio On

One of the devices capable of creating comfort for the driver during the journey is the radio. Yes, this device is located close to the car control system with the main task of catching waves and broadcasting information to serve the needs of drivers.  However, How long does a car battery last with radio on? … Read more

How To Fix A Squeaky Belt With Soap?

How To Fix A Squeaky Belt With Soap

As time goes by, your car will turn from a quiet and efficient machine to a loud and lazy mess. You should know how to maintain it and fix its little quirks before they drive you insane by the time this happens. Read this article on how to fix a squeaky belt with soap, and … Read more

How Long To Leave A Car Running To Charge Battery?

Do Car Batteries Charge While Idling

There is a common belief that you have to disconnect the battery before charging your car. However, it is no longer essential, owing to current smart chargers and trickle chargers. Certain gadgets can even permanently disconnect a vehicle battery to maintain their maximum charge while in operation. In this post, I will show how long … Read more

How To Reset Car Computer Without Disconnecting Battery?

Will Disconnecting A Car Battery Harm The Computer

Have you ever had problems with your vehicle’s electrical controls? Going to an auto repair shop may be a good option, but you can remedy the problem by simply rebooting the computer without having to access the car’s complicated wiring! The engine in your car is quite identical to your computer, and restarting it is … Read more

How To Clean O2 Sensor? 8 Steps To Follow!

How To Clean O2 Sensor

The O2 sensor – an important part of the car control system, will get dirty over time and cause problems such as slow acceleration, round sound, or even car burning because of extra gasoline.  Though you can not prevent the sensor from getting attacked by contaminants, you can still check the sensor condition and prevent … Read more